To save you time and trouble, we have prepared several of the most frequently asked questions. We hope this clears up any concerns you might have, but you can always ask for more by going to our contact us page.

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Will Bitcoin continue to rise again?

We are not market makers or fortune tellers, but the majority of financial experts expect at least one more price spike.

Will any of the new cryptocurrencies repeat the Bitcoin phenomenon?

It’s unlikely that any cryptocurrencies will ever multiply by a staggering 800,000 times, however several if not all will rise, and a select few will surely create a new wave of crypto currency millionaires with investment as little as $200.

How are the cryptocurrencies prices affected?

A cryptocurrency price will rise as public interest and investment rises. As the percentage of available shares grow fewer, the scarcity rule comes into effect and the price per share increases.

How do I buy cryptocurrency?

There are many ways to buy cryptocurrency, however for top security and easy access we recommend using a well-established and trusted broker. In addition to the reliability, Brokers allow fraction purchases for those who have a limited budget.

Are there any cryptocurrency scams?

Bitcoin was once considered a scam, so or the many that have popped up it is possible that some are scams. We cannot say definitively that there are no cryptocurrency scams, but we can vouch for all the cryptocurrency featured on our site.

Will I have to announce my cryptocurrency purchases to the government?

Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized currency and are not affiliated with any bank or nation. Each country has different regulations regard non-domestic investments, but you will likely not be obliged to announce any winnings as and when your cryptocurrency prices rise.